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We decided to hire a local company when our builder offered options that had their typically inflated mark-up. We paid thousands less than the builder quoted, and hundreds less than the closest of the three estimates we received from the other suppliers in our area.

David and Kerry, Oakville

"Of the three companies that came to give us a quote, Chris was the one we believed knew the most about what we needed for our home. We chose Compass and know we made the right decision."

Donna May, Burlington

We met with a number of companies before choosing to go with Compass. In the case of the others, I felt unsure about things. When the time came to do the install, Chris was there. It meant a lot to us that the owner of the company came to do the installation. It speaks volumes that he did it for less than the others who quoted for their subcontractors to install the exact same unit.

D. Nolan, Bronte